Virgin coconut oil – one of the miracles of nature

Thai coconut oil

Virgin coconut oil literally is one of the natural wonders. For example in the body care, care for skin, lips, hair and teeth, the coconut oil has basically no competition.

The best and only right coconut oil is obtained by cold centrifugal separation technology from fresh coconut milk and fresh coconut flesh. Some manufacturers unfortunately use for coconut oil production very insensitive technology of the oil extraction by high temperatures and chemicals, however, the resulting coconut oil has almost no value. Only the production of oil by means of centrifugal separation ensures that oil keeps an important and valuable natural ingredients and antioxidants including natural aroma and taste. In this manufacturing method, is also avoided the fermentation, which brings the risk of oil contamination by undesirable components. At temperatures above 25°C is virgin coconut oil at form of almost clear fluid and when the temperature drops below 25°C the oil changes into form, which is also called coconut butter i.e. thickens and becomes white, which does not affect the properties or quality. In Thailand, coconut oil is widely used in traditional medicine, for skin care and care for hair, body massage and sometimes also cooking, though for cooking not very often due to its relatively high price.

The popularity of coconut oil has been rising recently also in “Western” culture, mainly due to its composition – contains MCT – Medium Chain Triglycerides, which are saturated fatty acids with medium chain. The oil contains about 45% fatty acid, lauric acid, and the other main components include myristic acid, capric and caprylic acid . All these acids are able to disrupt the lipid membrane of yeasts, bacteria and viruses. Therefore, it is literally natural antibiotics. Lauric acid has a powerful antiviral effect and caprylic acid is again highly effective against yeasts. MCT – Saturated fatty acids have a unique ability to disrupt viruses, bacteria, yeasts and molds, which are then easily disposed to our own defense and self-healing mechanism of the human body.

Another unique feature of coconut oil is its effect on the metabolism of the body. Regular consumption of coconut oil causes people are less likely to feel hungry. Digestion of coconut oil is running very similarly as of carbohydrates but cleavage to glucose is slower. Then there is no sudden flooding of sugar into the blood and subsequent rapid decline, which happens for example when consuming sugar, starch and fruit, which causes activation of hormons giving signals to the body that it needs more food – hunger. Regular consumption of coconut oil thus stabilizes blood sugar and reduces the load on the adrenal glands. For digestion of coconut oil is not needed bile or pancreatic enzymes and oil decomposes into glucose, which is essentially an energy source. Unlike other fats, it therefore does not settle in the body. Because digestion of coconut oil is slower then digestion of carbohydrates, the energy supply to the body is sequential, which is especially beneficial for persons suffering from diabetes and hypoglycemia.

A positive effect on the metabolism of the body is inevitably linked to its use as a food supplement for reducing body weight and weight loss. Coconut oil in the diet can have a big benefit when it replaces part of the fat in the diet. It provides a longer feeling of satiety, it has less calories than other fats and digestion of coconut oil also runs differently. Coconut oil stimulates the body’s metabolism to a higher and more efficient performance, helping to burn more energy. Also important is the fact that it does not affect the thyroid gland, whose proper functioning and hormones are absolutely vital and essential for a balanced metabolism. Coconut oil for these purposes may be periodically taken before meals 3 times a day in amounts from 1 to 2 tablespoons and also it can seamlessly replace conventional vegetable fats for cooking.

The fact that MCT are nutritionally unique, is proven by their presence in breast milk, where it serves as an easily digestible food for babies, while protecting their young body against parasites, viruses, and infections. Breastfeeding mothers, who include coconut oil to their diet, will improve the quality of their milk and allow their child ‘s healthy development.

Virgin coconut oil has an irreplaceable role in the care for the body, face and skin. It is particularly suitable for dry and sensitive skin. There is no better balm for dry and cracked lips. In the summer it is great after sunbathing, with its uncanny ability to regenerate the skin after sunburn and during the winter it protects the skin and lips against frost. From damaged hair coconut oil makes strong and healthy shiny hair. Its composition is very similar to the fats in human skin, which means that coconut oil is more than well accepted and used by the skin. Due to these characteristics, and also due to pleasant natural scent of virgin coconut oil, it is one of the best massage products at all. In Thailand, the coconut oil is used for oil massage almost exclusively.

List of usage of virgin coconut oil is actually very wide and we would need to write a few more articles to name them all. But let’s summarize the most common ones below:

– massages and baths
– whole body care and care for skin and lips
– hair care – best hair balm
– after shave balm
– effective treatment of infections, yeasts, fungi and viruses (candida, herpes , etc.)
– stimulation of metabolism
– food supplement for problems with overweight – for weight reduction
– food supplement for diabetes, thyroid disorders, malnutrition
– antiviral and antibacterial effect while introduced to the diet

In our shop you will find only carefully selected and original 100% pure virgin coconut oil of the highest quality, produced by well known Thai producers, that is made exclusively by sensitive technology of centrifugal separation from fresh coconut milk and fresh flesh of coconuts grown in Thailand, by the most natural possible way. Besides 100% pure virgin coconut oil you might be interested to also check pure MCT Oil.

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